Atractosteus simplex Gar Fish Fossil

Highly Coveted Green River Fish

Atractosteus simplex

(Leidy 1873)

Class Actinopterygii, Order Lepisosteiformes, Family Lepisosteidae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size: Fish fossil is 14 ¼” in length on a 15 x 8 ½ x 2 ¼” matrix

Fossil Site: Green River Formation, Utah

Fossil Code: PFF456

Price: Sold

Atractosteus simplex Gar Description: After more than one hundred years of excavating fossil fish from the Green River Formation it is estimated that only a few hundred complete gars have been discovered. The fossil gar is truly rare and highly prized. Even a slightly flawed specimen like this is of great value. Which leads to my next point. This is an affordable specimen. Especially to any Green River fishModern Gar Fish specialist collector who has been patiently waiting for years to obtain one. Here is your opportunity.

White River Preparium of South Dakota invested ten hours of meticulous and highly skilled preparation in this fish to make it presentable. There has been absolutely no restoration to the specimen. (See the before preparation photo) Only the scales were stabilized. The one major flaw is the tip of the snout runs off the plate. All the fins are present, caudal, anal, pelvic and some of the pectoral. The fossil is three dimensional, and inflated. The scales on the back end of the fish are stunning. The fish resides on a thick, sturdy plate.

The primitive look and thick diamond shaped scales of gars gives them an undeniable cache and unique visual appeal. They were, and still are, stealthy predators whose scaly armor provides excellent protection.

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