Museum Bristolia bristolensis Trilobite

Bristolia bristolensis

Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Family Olenellidae

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian

Size: Trilobite is 2 ¾” including the tail spine

Fossil Site: Delamar Member of the Pioche Shale, Lincoln County, Nevada

Fossil Code: PFT776

Price: Sold

Bristolia bristolensis TrilobiteDescription: Perhaps the most desired Lower Cambrian trilobite genus found in the Western United States is the Bristolia. It is distinguished by the large, elegant, regal spines, which adorn the cephalon, thorax and pygidium. The distinctive shape of the various species cephalons is the most obvious and inspiring characteristic.

Until recently, Bristolias were rarely found complete, and quite difficult to acquire. With some industrious exploring and digging, a few have become available, including the one I am now presenting. Significantly, the first Bristolia I have ever offered online.

To begin, it was prepared by ace trilobite specialist, Dave Comfort of Canada. By Bristolia standards it is a large fully adult specimen. Of particular note are the magnificent, dark, fully inflated genal, marcropleural and tail spines. The tip of the left genal spine is missing. The solid limestone plate was cracked through the thorax and repaired. A bit of detail was lost on the thorax during the air abrasion. Considering the complexity and fragility of this Bristolia, the overall preservation is remarkable. If the acquisition of a quality Bristolia has been on your wish list, I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity quickly. It is the only one I have to offer.

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Bristolia Trilobite
Bristolia bristolensis Trilobite

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