Uniquely Rare Bristolia brachyoma California Trilobite

Bristolia brachyoma

Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Family Olenellidae

Geological Time: Uppermost Lower Cambrian

Size: The trilobite is 1 ¼” (3-cm) in length

Fossil Site: Gold Ace Limestone, Carrara Formation, Mojave Desert, California

Fossil Code: PFT778

Price: Sold

Bristolia brachyomaDescription: Bristolia brachyoma sits at the very top of the Gold Ace Limestone, in California’s Mojave Desert. It is the last described species of Bristolia to be discovered and described, and the last of the lineage before the genus went extinct.

I am aware of only two complete Bristolia brachyoma ever recovered. This is one of them. A highly respected amateur collector found it over twenty-five years ago. At that time, the technical expertise to prepare this positive/negative specimen did not exist. So, it sat in a drawer these many years awaiting the amazing new fossil preparation techniques of the last few years to evolve. I fortuitously acquired this specimen last year, and only recently had it returned from prep by one of USA’s premier trilobite preparators. There has been some significant restoration done to the specimen. (See the positive/negative photo of the specimen before preparation) Some of the cephalic brim, upper cephalic portions and axial spine were cast and reconstructed.

The preparation and reconstruction have proved to be a wise investment. Being as highly prized by collectors as Bristolias are, this remarkably rare, end of the lineage specimen will hopefully soon find a home in an important Lower Cambrian trilobite collection, or museum.

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Trilobite before preparation below:

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