Spectacular Red-Rimmed Harpides Ordovician Trilobite

Harpides sp

Trilbites Order Harpetida, Family Harpididae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician

Size: Trilobite is 5.7 cm (2 ¼”) on an 11.4 x 12 cm (4/1/2 x 4/3/4”) plate

Fossil Site: Lower Fezouata Shales, Dra Valley, Morocco

Fossil Code: PFT469

Price: $1975.00

HarpidesDescription: Offered is a spectacular specimen of Harpides trilobite.

Technically speaking the Harpides is named after the European equivalents found in France and the Czech Republic. According to one of my knowledgeable trilobite associates, “The only paper I have found that even mentions them in Morocco showed two different types, one with long genal spines, and one with very short genal spines. You have the long spine version.”

The Harpides was found as a clean split pos/neg.
The negative will be included with the purchase. The plate was cracked and repaired in three sections. Note the muted red oxide deposit attractively decorating the paraglabellar field. The trilobite is essentially 100% complete. It is fully inflated and 3D with dramatic presence.

To the best of my knowledge this is a very recent species just now being offered commercially. I obtained it from a very reputable Moroccan dealer at the 2011 Tucson Mineral and Fossil show. It was by far the most superior of the four or five he had available. Upon a web search, this appears to be the first of this quality to be offered to the general public.

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