Stunning Museum Paralegoceras Goniatite Ammonoid

Paralegoceras evolutum

Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda, Subclass Ammonoidea, Order Goniatitida, Superfamily Neoicocerataceae, Family Metalegoceratidae

Geological Time: Permian (325 million years old)

Size: Fossil is 4” in diameter

Fossil Site: Basleo Fault Line, Paralegoceras Atanbua, West Timor

Fossil Code: PFA92

Price: Sold

Paralegoceras evolutumDescription: The difference between fine art and nature’s natural creative processes are often a topic of endless debate. This rare and magnificent piece is arguably both. Note the opalised, drusey fine crystalline interior of this ammonites air chambers. The small individual crystals sparkle like the finest gems. The base color is an off-white with some patchy purple/brown shadings. It was professionally prepared and polished to reveal the outer lustrous veneer and inner sparkling radiance. It would make a wonderful decorative piece, or, an inspired gift to any lover of nature’s creative genius.

Paleontological Journal Volume 42, Number 6, 585-595

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