Wooly Mammoth Jaw with Intact Tooth

Mammuthus primigenius

Mammal Order Proboscidea, Family Elephantidae

Geological Time: Late Pleistocene (~50,000 Years Old)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil jaw: 380 mm long by 230 mm high by 120 wide Tooth: 210 mm long by 72 mm wide by 120 mm tall (including root)

Fossil Site: San River, Przemysl Region, Poland

Fossil Code: 10557

Price: $995.00 - sold

Wooly Mammoth FossilDescription: A spectacular example of a Series III (third) molar of the Wooly Mammoth still in place in the left side of the jaw of a juvenile, this specimen comes from deposits in the bend of the River San in southwestern Poland. Since it comes from a freshwater deposit, it has none of the attendant problems with stability associated with those dredged up by fishermen in the North Sea. Teeth from such inland deposits make up only a Wooly Mammothminuscule proportion of the mammoth teeth offered on the market, and as such are in high demand. Like the modern day elephant, mammoths had a total of 6 teeth, with only one tooth active in the jaw at any one time. A baby mammoth’s first tooth was similar in size to an adult human molar. By 6 months of age, the second molar began forming, replacing the first molar by 18 months of age. This tooth was replaced by the third, which lasted until a mammoth was about ten years old, with each successive tooth replacing the one before in conveyor belt fashion. The last molar would come into play by the time a mammoth was 40, and would need to last for the balance of the mammoth’s life. This fine specimen is quite complete, with the root exposed on the lingual side of the jaw. This is the first and only such example I have been able to secure, and would make a fine cabinet specimen for any collector.

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Mammuthus primigenius Fossil Jaw
Mammuthus primigenius

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