Calymene gamachei Rare Silurian Trilobite Gem

Calymene aff gamachei

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Calymenidae

Geological Time: Early Silurian (~435 Million Years Ago)

Size: Trilobite is 33 mm long (curve measure) by 18 mm

Fossil Site: Jupiter Formation, Northeast Quebec, Canada

Code: MMT114

Price: $850 - sold

Calymene gamachei TrilobiteDescription: I have just recently been able to secure a selection of Early Silurian trilobites from Northeastern Quebec Province, Canada. This is another of the series which I am posting, all of which are quite rare. Seen here is a species of Calymene described in 2004. This one was completely encased in a pyrite nodule; many long hours of preparation were devoted to afford the exceptional specimen you see here. It is closest to Calymene gamachei, a trilobite named for the pirate and smuggler of the St Lawrence estuary Luis-Oliver gamache. He was reportedly “in league with the devil.” The location is most difficult to access, and few have ever collected there.

Reference: Palaeontographica Canadiana, Monograph 22, 2004.

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