BIZZARE Museum Trilobite with Exceptionally Long Rostrum

Phacopida Family Calmoniidae indet

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Suborder Phacopina, Superfamily Acastoidea, Family Calmoniidae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian, Pragian Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 30 mm long (curve measure) of which 10 mm is rostrum by 10 mm wide on a 60 by 65 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Jebel Issoumour, Morocco

Code: 14092

Price: Sold

Description: Unusual example of a member of the Order Phacopida, with many fine details present. It looks for all the world to be related to that famous prevaricating puppet Pinocchio after telling a spate of whoppers. Just discovered within the past year, it is yet to be described, although a researcher in Spain is studying a similar taxon. It looks to have affinities with Morocconites, but the rostrum here is far, far more elongated. The first example I was aware of consisted solely of the cephalon with an attached rostrum, indicating it was not some fanciful composite specimen. Subsequently a few came to light as a mad dash by diggers to the site ensued. Most of the literal handful come from Jebel Iazzi or Jebel Issoumour. In this example here the rostrum is one third of the overall length of the specimen. There seems to be some variability in the base width of the rostrum, but the sample size as yet seems to be too small to determine whether that is intraspecific variability or indicative of separate species. I have seen a photo of another example similar to this with the narrow rostrum but with no side view shots available I cannot tell if they are the same as this one has FOUR rows of eyes vs SIX for the type with a broader rostrum. I wonder how the battle between taxonomic lumps vs splitter will shake out for this one. See my other listings for the another Calmoniid with a broader rostrum type.

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