New Species Kayserops Museum Trilobite

Kayserops sp

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Suborder Phacopina, Family Acastidae, Subfamily Asteropyginae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian, Lower Emsian Stage (~390 million years ago)

Size: (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 55 mm long (curve measure) by 32 mm wide at spine tips on a 75 by 68 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Jebel Issoumour, Morocco

Code: 14040

Price: $595.00

Kayserops Museum TrilobiteDescription: An elegant example of a member of the Order Phacopida, Subfamily Asteropyginae with many fine details present. Notice the fine eye facets presentNew Fossil Site on this specimen. The Asteropyginae recently have undergone revision. The trilobite called “Kayserops’ in the fossil trade is actually Metacanthina issoumourensis, a far more commonly-available member of the Asteropyginae. This specimen comes from a RECENTLY-discovered layer at Jebel Issoumor (see site photo). It lies between an upper Emsian Psychopyge layer and an upper Pragian Metacanthina layer, and is thus most probably Lower Emsian in age. The layer afforded several different examples of trilobites, all of which seem different from others in the region (see my other listings). The layer was quickly nearly played out, with a few specimens still coming to light. This one is apparently new to science, and has yet to be described.

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