Elegant Psychopyge elegans Trilobite

Prepared in Freestanding Mode

Psychopyge elegans

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Superfamily Acastoidea, Family Acastidae

Geological Time: Uppermost Emsian Stage Early/Middle Devonian Transition

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 60 mm long (overall tip of rostrum to tip of pygidial spines) by 44 mm wide at genals on a 45 by 70 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Djebel Issoumour , Morocco

Code: 12135

Price: $2695.00 - sold

Psychopyge elegans TrilobiteDescription: This trilobite is a member of the Order Phacopida, Family Acastidae from the Devonian deposits of Djebel Issoumour, Morocco known as Psychopyge elegans (see my other offerings for an example of P. termierorum with an extremely elongated rostrum). ALL spines have been prepared freestanding on the cephalon as well as those on the axial, and pleural lobes, as well as the pygidial spines making for a dramatic display with OVER EIGHTY freestanding spines. What is most unusual about this one is the bend to the rostrum. For some reason Pyschopyge had a tendency to pathology of this feature. I have seen one foreshortened, another twice as wide as normal giving the appearance of a duck’s bill, and an elongated version which is fully the length of the body. The supplier of this specimen is known personally to me, and I have no doubts as to its authenticity. With the advent of a reliable source of electricity in Morocco, the quality of preparation has improved dramatically over the past few years. This one took a great deal of effort to prepare all the pleural spines free of matrix. While I used to refer to trilobites prepared in a mode similar to this as flying, I feel a new term is warranted by the preparation now coming into vogue. This specimen is truly stunning when viewed from any aspect, and is destined to become the cornerstone of any collection, public or private. (I apologize for the less-than-esthetic photography while still in the shipping container, but discretion was the better part of valor with all the spines).

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