Rare Ceraurus plattinensis Trilobites Death Assemblage

Ceraurus plattinensis

Trilobite Order Phacopida, Family Cheiruridae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobites are 14 mm to 25 mm long; Matrix: 170 mm by 130 mm

Fossil Site: Sugar River Formation, Trenton Group, Sackets Harbor, New York

Fossil Code: MMT38

Price: $635.00 - sold

Ceraurus plattinensis TrilobitesDescription: This plate displays a rarely seen example of a trilobite found in the Middle Sugar River Formation deposits of New York state. This one is different from most trilobites of the region in large measure due to the sweeping genal, pleural, and pygidial spines. The spines presumably in addition to a deterrent to predators probably served to keep the trilobite near the surface of the substrate, much as snowshoes do. This is a fine death assemblage of no less than FIVE of these unusual trilobites. See my other listings (JAT009) for a large Ceraurus plattinensis from Ontario, Canada.

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