MUSEUM QUALITY Chladophlebis Tree Fern from Australia

Cladophlebis australis

Class Filicopsida, Order Filicales

Geological Time: Triassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fills a 200 mm X 205 mm X 30 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Merrywood Coal Mine, Royal George, Tasmania, Australia

Fossil Code: AAF311

Price: $295.00 - sold

Cladophlebis australis Tree Fern FossilDescription: Tree ferns have been around since the Permian, and persist to this day, earning them the termTree Fren “living fossil”. The “trunk” is composed of many vascular elements that supply the plant with water and nourishment. Cladophlebis attained considerable size, with complete fronds nearly a meter in size known. Typically, only isolated pinnae are found. This specimen is literally covered with fine examples, most belonging to a single frond, making for a very showy example of the type.

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