Spectacular Belemnotheutis Fossil with Preserved Hooks

Name: Mollusca; Cephalopoda; Phragmoteuthida: Belemnotheutis antiquus
and Ammonoidea; Eoderoceratidae:: Promicroceras planicosta

Geologic Time: Early Jurassic, Sinemurian Stage (~190 million years ago)

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 157 mm long (including tentacles) by 37 mm across; Ammonite 15 mm across on a 160 mm by 150 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Purbeck Limestone, Dorset, England

Code: AAF254

Price: $895.00 - sold

BelemnotheutisDescription: Here is a most unusual fossil from the Jurassic of England; a very detailed cephalopod known as Belemnotheutis. Given the fact that there are no hard parts to preserve to speak of, the detail here is amazing. Notice the “grappling hooks” with which this predator would have gripped its prey. APliosaur has been found in England with many of these hooks contained in its body, indicating that this predator also was prey. The eyes are the dark spots visible in the “head on” photo, while much of the aragonitic shell is visible with delicate iridescence. The darkest area is actually the preserved ink sac which the cephalopod would have used as a smokescreen to protect it from predators. Due to the fact that the ink was relatively incompressible, it Is one of the prominent features of the body. There is also a small ammonite whose Calcite shell is further testimony to the exceptional preservation of the one-of-a-kind specimen.

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