EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Cretaceous Scorpion Fossil from Brazil

Protoischnurus axelrodorum

Subphylum Chelicerata, Class Arachnida, Order Scorpiones, Family Hemiscorpiidae

Geological Time: Lower Cretaceous

Size: (25.4mm=1 inch): Scorpion fossil is 20 mm long, 15 mm across; Matrix: 87 by 57

Fossil Site: Santana Formation, Crato Member, Nova Olinda, Ceara, Brazil

Fossil Code: GF65

Price: $1995.00 - sold

Protoischnurus axelrodorum Scorpion FossilThis fine example shows a scorpion with preserved pedipalps, body, and tail. Little material from this treasure trove ever becomes available, with scorpions one of the most rare of fossils. The fossil record for scorpions extends back to the Silurian some 400 million years ago. By 110 million years ago, they closely resembled their modern-day counterparts, as can be seen here. Examples from the Mesozoic and Tertiary are quite rare, making this a highly-desired specimen. The price here reflects both the rarity of such a specimen and the fact that it is in a fine preservation state. Interestingly, modern-day scorpion hunters use UV light to collect the fluorescent scorpions at night.

Fossil Sales Information

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Protoischnurus axelrodorum Scorpion Fossil
Protoischnurus axelrodorum

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