Rare Tetragonolepis Jurassic Fossil Fish from Germany

Tetragonolepis cf semicinctus

Order Semionotifomes, Family Seminotidaee

Geological Time: Lower Jurassic, Upper Lias,

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fish fossil is 56 mm long by 45 mm tall Matrix: 140 mm by 97 mm

Fossil Site: Hildesheim, Germany

Fossil Code: UKF176

Price: Sold

Rare Tetragonolepis Fish FossilDescription: This is a rare discoidal shaped fish known as Tetragonolepis coming from the early Jurassic of Germany. Note the rod-like scales that become larger towards the ventral side. It is thought to have been primarily herbivorous but may have also taken small amnimals as well. There is a partial ammonite at the lower left which may be Pleuroceras based upon the distinctive ribbing. If that is the case the age would be 190-185 million years of age.

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