Amazing Solnhofen Fossil Fish Caturus

Caturus furcatus

Order Amiiformes, Superfamily Amioidea, Family Furidae

Geological Time: Upper Jurassic

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fish fossil is 85 mm high (with fins), 230 mm in length on 275 mm by 170 mm matrix. Frame Width 365 mm by 255 mm

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Lithographic Limestone, Eichstatt, Germany

Fossil Code: AW55

Price: $1350.00 - Sold

Caturus furcatusDescription: This is a fine framed example of a swift-swimming predatory fish from the lithographic limestone deposits of Eichstatt, Germany, known as Caturus falcatus. These 150 million year old deposits are famous for their exceptionally well-preserved organisms, the most famous of which are the handful of specimens of the ancient bird Archaeopteryx. That exceptional preservation is displayed here as well, down to the wonderfully-preserved caudal fin. Notice the excellent teeth; this one was a predator in every sense of the word. It is quite 3-D in preservation. Notice how although the specimen exists on several planes the piece faithfully conforms to the contours of the matrix. While there are some minor repairs to the matrix, there is virtually no restoration. It comes framed to be displayed on the wall at the home or office of any discerning collector. I defy you to find a comparable example at any where near the price anywhere on the internet.

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