Museum Devonian Lungfish Fossil Scaumenacia

Scaumenacia curta

Class Sarcopterygii, Subclass Dipnoi, Family Phaneropleuridae

Geological Time: Upper Devonian, Frasnian Stage (~370 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 120 mm in length on a 165 mm by 190 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Escumiac Bay, Miguasha, Quebec, Canada

Fossil Code: UKF151

Price: Sold

Scaumenacia curta LungfishDescription: This is an essentially complete example of the Upper Devonian lungfish known as Scaumenacia. It had a crushing toothplate for feeding upon hard shelled prey. Since the site is now a park and World Heritage Site, only examples from old collections ever become available, as is the case here. Note the details such as the vertebral column, scales, and dramatic finnage. This was a pursuit predator whose extensive fins would have propelled it swiftly through the water. Few examples are ever offered; the skull is somewhat disarticulated due to the fact that the many small skull bones are only loosely articulated and thus often suffer post-mortem scattering. Nevertheless they are all there. The preparation was carried out by a well-known European preparator (I will furnish the name to the buyer upon request). In order to bring out the details, photographs were taken under different lighting conditions. True color rendition is seen in the gray photos.

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