Detailed Thursius, A Remarkable Osteolepis Relative

Devonian Fish Fossil

Thursius macrolepidotus

Class Sarcopterygii, Infraclass Tetrapodomorpha, Superorder Osteolepidida, Order Rhipidistiiformes, Family Osteolepididae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian (385 Million Years Old)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Complete specimen: 108 mm in length (tip of nose to tip of tail along backbone) on a 120 mm by 45 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Sandside, Caithness, Scotland

Fossil Code: UKF172

Price: Sold

Thursius macrolepidotusDescription: The Osteolepiform fish are thought to be the ancestors of the Tetrapoda due to their paired lobedOsteolepis fins being homologous to the limbs, and the choanae (posterior nostril). They have thick rhombic scales covered with a cosmine layer (hence the shine). Here is a unique opportunity to obtain an example of this ancient group of fish thought to have given rise to the Tetrapod bauplan. This wonderful example shows all the classic features in lateral view. I have included a life restoration of the related Osteolepis.

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