MUSEUM QUALITY Crawfordsville Crinoids

Superb Taxocrinus and RARE Aulocrinus Pair

Taxocrinus colletti

Flexibilia, Family Taxocrinidae

Aulocrinus bellus

Cladida, Family Decadocrinidae

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian, Osagean Stage

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): MAIN SIDE: Taxocrinus crown: 55 mm long by 45 mm across with 145 mm attached stem Aulocrinus crown 30 mm long by 25 mm across with 30 mm anal tube REVERSE SIDE: Taxocrinus crown 50 mm long by 35 mm across Aulocrinus crown 25 mm long by 30 mm across with 25 mm attached stem on a 235 by 180 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Code: CC307

Price: Sold

Taxocrinus and Aulocrinus Crawfordsville CrinoidsDescription: This fossil association is quite distinctive in that the crinoids found are in a superb state of preservation and can be seen on BOTH SIDES of the plaque. The larger crinoid is an excellent Taxocrinus colletti with the many curled arms and long stem in a beautiful state of preservation. As an additional attraction, the second crinoid is an example of the rare Aulocrinus bellus which shows the distinctive J-shaped anal tube on the main side and more detail to the cup and attached stem on the reverse. Echinoderms typically disarticulate rapidly after death, so the have not one but two in such a great state of preservation is most unusual, certainly deserving the appellation MUSUEM QUALITY. It is easy to see why Crawfordsville is world-renowned for the quality of preservation of its wonderful crinoid fauna.

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