Museum Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossils Death Assemblage

Crawfordsville Crinoids

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Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch):1. Macrocrinus: 53 mm long by 20 mm wide 2. Eretmocrinus: 35 mm long by 45 mm wide with 15 mm attached stem 3. Scytalocrinus: 40 mm long by 16 mm wide with 16 mm attached stem 4. Agaricocrinus: 35 mm long by 35 mm wide 5. Macrocrinus: 55 mm long by 25 mm wide 6. Camptocrinus: 20 mm long by 10 mm wide 7. Undetermined: 85 mm (curve measure) Matrix: 320 mm maximum width by 165 mm maximum height

Matrix: 320 mm maximum width by 165 mm maximum height

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville Crinoid Site, Indiana

Code: CC303

Price: $995.00

Description: There are SEVEN crinoids contained within this single piece of matrix from Crawfordsville. I have numbered them in the first image below and to the right to allow you to identify them wherever possible; click image to open new window:

  • 1,5. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 2. Eretmocrinus granuliferus
  • 3. Scytalocrinus decadactylus
  • 4. Agaricocrinus splendens
  • 6. Camptocrinus
  • 7. Undetermined

Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossils Death AssemblageGiven the fact that echinoderms disarticulate rapidly upon death, the fact that these are preserved as seen here is quite remarkable. Note the presence of the anal tubes used by the Macrocrinus for excretion of waste, Crinoidthe many preserved pinnules that were used by the crinoids for filtration of food particles from the water column, and the extensive cirri present on the stem (#7). Cirri are used by the crinoid for anchoring to the substrate. Unlike the cemented holdfast seen in some, cirri would allow the crinoid to readily detach and move to another site whenever necessary. Since the calyx is most diagnostic, we have no way of knowing to which crinoid this one belonged. While I mentioned seven specimens, there is a partial crinoid to be seen obscured by the calyx of the Ertemocrinus. This one is yet another Macrocrinus. All in all, this is a fine representation of the type of preservation for which the Crawfordsville deposits are world renowned. For more extensive examples containing TWENTY OR MORE specimens, see my other offerings.

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