SPECTACULAR Crawfordsville Crinoids Assemblage

Crawfordsville Crinoids

(see list below)

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Onychaster: 35 mm across Aulocrinus: 65 mm long by 20 mm wide Actinocrinites: 60 mm long by 50 mm wide with 90 mm articulated stem;
Matrix: 420 mm base width by 290 mm maximum height

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Code: CC301

Price: $2750.00

Description: The number of specimens contained within this one slab is astonishing (click image to right to open new window and see number key):

  • Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossils1. Onychaster flexilis Starfish
  • 2,3. Agaricocrinus splendens
  • 4. Cyathocrinites iowensis
  • 5. Parisocrinus labyrinthicus
  • 6,7 Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 8. Undetermined (covered)
  • 9. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 10. Aulocrinus bellus (very rare)
  • 11. Platycrinites brevinodusCrinodea
  • 12. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 13. Sarocrinus varsovensis
  • 14. Cyathocrinites iowensis
  • 15. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 16. Actinocrinites gibsoni
  • 17. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 18. Undetermined
  • 19. Undetermined
  • 20. Camptocrinus myelodactylus

To me the keynote specimens are the wonderful Actinocrinites gibsoni with attached stem (#16), the uncommon Ophiuroid starfish Onychaster flexilis (#1), and the very rare Aulocrinus bellus (#10). Seeing a specimen like this makes it easy to understand how highly regarded the Crawfordsville site is as a location for the treasure trove of crinoids to be found there. This specimen is undoubtedly destined to be the cornerstone of any private collection, and is suitable for museum display. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Customers outside the US should note that the shipped weight would be roughly 6 KG.

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