MASSIVE Crawfordsville Crinoids Assemblage

Crawfordsville Crinoids

(see list below)

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Onychaster: 33 mm across Gilbertsocrinus: 60 mm across Barycinus: 60 mm long by 55mm wide Agaricocrinus 3A: 35 mm long by 33 mm across with 15 mm attached stem Cyathocrinites: 33 mm long by 20 mm across Camptocrinus: 22 mm long by 15 mm across

Matrix: 520 mm base width by 300 mm maximum height

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville Crinoid Site, Indiana

Code: CC302

Price: Sold

Description: The number of specimens contained within this one slab is astonishing. I have numbered them in the first image below and to the right to allow you to identify them wherever possible; click image to open new window:

  • 1. Dorycrinus gouldiCrawfordsville Crinoids for Identification
  • 2. Gilbertsocrinus dispansus
  • 3. Barycrinus hoveyi
  • 3A., 4 Agaricocrinus spendens
  • 5. Cyathocrinites iowensis
  • 6, 11. Onychocrinus ulrichi
  • 7,9. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 8. Cyathocrinites iowensis
  • 10. Eretmocrinus granuliferusCrawfordsville Crinoids Assemblage
  • 12. Undetermined
  • 13. Onychaster flexilis Starfish
  • 14. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 15,16. Undetermined
  • 17. Camptocrinus
  • 18. Batocrinus sp.
  • 19,22 . Undetermined
  • 20. Macrocrinus mundulus
  • 21. Eretmocrinus granuliferus
  • 22. Undetermined
  • 23. Agaricocrinus spendensCrinodea
  • 24. Onychocrinus ulrichi (partial)

To me the keynote specimens are the Gilbertsocrinus with the partial spiked crinoid Dorycrinus above it, the fine Baryrcinus in association with Agaricocrinus, the unusual Camptocrinus, and the Ophiuroiid starfish Onychaster flexilis. Seeing a specimen like this makes it easy to understand how highly regarded the Crawfordsville site is a location for the treasure trove of crinoids to be found there. This specimen is undoubtedly destined to be the cornerstone of any private collection, and is suitable for museum display. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Customers outside the US should note that the shipped weight would be roughly 15 kg.

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