Dominican Amber Male Winged Ant

Fossil Amber Winged Ant

Insect Order Hymenoptera, Family Formicidae

Geological Time: Oligocene-Miocene

Size (25.4mm = 1 inch): Amber: 20 mm long , 10 mm across, Inclusion: 4 mm

Fossil Site: Region near Santiago, Dominican Republic

Code: DA4015

Price: Sold

Description: This amber piece displays a fine example of a male flying ant. Most colonies of ants consist of one or more queens, a large number of sterile female workers (large colonies may have more than one type of worker), and some males. Winged ants of both sexes are produced at certain seasons when they leave their colony to set out to establish new colonies. After a brief nuptial flight, the wings are shed, and the new queen sets about establishing her first brood. This one is well displayed within this fine clear piece of Dominican amber, in association with a fungus gnat.

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Male Winged Ant
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