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Comaturella Crinoids
Crawfordsville Crinoids
Parisangulocrinus Crinoid

Extensive Comaturella Crinoids Death Assemblage
Lebanese Lagerstatte, Haqel, Lebanon
Code L521 - $1495

Museum Lepidasterella Many Legged Starfish Fossil
Bear Gulch Limestone, Montana
Code BGF700 - Sold

Spectacular Crawfordsville Crinoids Assemblage
Lower Mississippian
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Code CC301 - $2750

Parisangulocrinus Crinoid
Hunsruck Slate, Bundenbach Germany
Code GF055 - $165

Syringocrinus Carpoid Fossils
Starfish Fossils Death Assemblage Cyathocrinites Crinoid Fossil
Museum Syringocrinus paradoxicus Carpoids
Trenton Group, Quebec
Code STF21 - Sold
Impressive Archaeocidaris Death Assemblage
Gilmore City Formation, Iowa
Code AW12 - $275

Delicate Starfish Fossils Death Assemblage
Taboulouart Formation, Morocco
Code 17152 - $495

Excellent Cyathocrinites multibrachiatus Crinoid
Lower Mississippian
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Code CC208 - $115
Pleurocystites Cystoids Death Assemblage
Eocrinoid Fossil Death Assemblage
Marocaster Starfish Fossil Palaeocoma Brittlestar Fossils

Museum Pleurocystites Cystoids Death Assemblage
Sugar River Formation, New York
Code MMT136 - Sold

Ascocystites Eocrinoid Fossil Death Assemblage
Lower Ordovician
El Kaid Errami, Morocco
Code 14054 - $465
Delicate Marocaster Starfish Fossil
Taboulouart Formation, Morocco
Code 17162 - Sold
Pristine Palaeocoma Brittlestar Fossils
Early Jurassic
Dorset, United Kingdom
Code UKF251 - $495
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