2014 Tucson Fossil Show

2014 Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show

Official Show Dates: February 1-15, 2014
Hours: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Feb 1-14; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Feb 15
No admission fee

The following are the locations of the Fossil Mall friends who will have rooms at the Tucson Fossil Show this year (click links below or scroll down):
Black Cat Mountain Trilobites Paleosearch
Pangaea Industries Fossils Inc. Terra Trilobites Gold Bugs

PaleoSearch Inc.

Glenn and Barb Rockers are icons of the Tucson Fossil Show. Museums worldwide line up to see their spectacular fossils, which in recent years have included some remarkable specimens from the Cretaceous Kansas Chalk.
Shown above with Glenn is one of the fossils we will feature at this year's show. The Protosphyraena nitida (a swordfish ancestor) is more than 9 feet long, and is a member of the Pachycormiformes order of fishes. The fossil comes from the Cretaceous (83 million years old) Niobrara Formation/Smoky Hill Chalk in Gove County, Kansas. See Protosphyraene nitida broshure (this is a 5 MB pdf file) for detailed information.
Broshure about PaleoSearch
Petrified Rock Art Broshure
PaleoSearch Borshure
Petrified Rock Art
click images above or download large pdf file
click images above or download large pdf file

Tucson City Center Hotel (former InnSuites Hotel) , in the Copper Ballroom (Fossil Hall), 475 N. Granada: Booth BR13

Pangaea Industries

Joe Aaronson will be in his usual spot with his usual array of fine fossils. He travels to Morocco several times a year, returning with treasures from one of the most fossiliferous places on earth. Especially look for authentic Moroccan trilobites instead of the fakery often found from Morocco. E-mail Joe at joe at fossilsplus dot com or call him at 941 539 5883.

22nd Street show Booth # F15-F16

Fossils Inc.

George Ast, a retired educator, is one of the most serious western trilobite collectors in the world. The beautiful Nevadia weeksi trilobite shown to the left is typical of George's discoveries. E-mail him at geeast at msn dot com or phone at 760 217 0584. He will be in the same room as last year:

Ramada Limited, Room 137, 665 N. Freeway, Tucson, AZ.

Black Cat Mountain Trilobites together with Terra Trilobites

Cambrian and Devonian together at last. Millions of years in the making! Come and see us in both the Fossil Ballroom and the 22nd Street Show!

Black Cat Mountain Trilobites
Bob Carroll's self-collected and -prepared Oklahoma Devonian Trilobites are world-reknowned - nobody does it better.

Terra Trilobites

Jennifer Smith, is out of Delta Utah in Milliard County, Utah, arguably the trilobite capital of America's most fossiliferous state. She runs the New Dig Inc. self dig site there, hosts tours and high-end digs, and is a member of Fossil Mall.


Jen' s Cat in New Dig Quarry

Jen in her New Dig Quarry

We will be in two locations:
1) Tucson City Center Hotel (former InnSuites Hotel) , in the Copper Ballroom (Fossil Hall), 475 N. Granada
22nd Street Show - 600 West 22nd Street


Gold Bugs

Gold Bugs

Gold Bugs, by Markus Martin, features trilobites with legs and antennae from New York. These famous trilobites from the late Ordovician, and other fossils, have soft tissues preserved in pyrite or ‘fool’s gold’, a truly rare occurence in the fossil record.

Tucson City Center Hotel (formerly Inn Suites Hotel) , Suite 325