Large Fossil Amber Pendant

Name: Fossil Amber

Age: Pleistocene to Pliocene

Size: mm (25.4mm=1 inch): 39 mm across; 21 grams

Location: Andes mountains in Colombia

Code: a183

Price: $29.00 - sold

After repeated requests I commissioned these amber pendants to be made. Typically, fossil amber is heated and pressed to shape and size for mounting in jewelry. Not this amber that has been hand carved and polished to a unique shape, and then drilled to facilitate wire wrapping. They are a bit challenging because of the size, requiring cut down from a fairly large piece of raw amber material.

This product from the rainforests of the Andes mountains in Colombia has proved extremely popular on the rock, gem and fossil show circuit. If you do wire wrap, or want to learn, or have a friend that does, I believe the result could be both stunning and unique.

This particular amber bead measures 31 mm across the long way, and weighs a hefty 16.2 grams.

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